EventsTag Printer UI

UX Design - Visual Design

One of EventsTag's most popular products is the Polaroid Printer. A printer where you can search and print your social content from instagram and twitter. The concept is simple, however the original UI was not, which was resulting in frustrated users.

User Research

Luckily, the Polaroid Printer was being used on a regular basis at events across the U.S.A; meaning it was just a matter of attending to an event and viewing user behavior.

The main takeaway from the observations was that users were becoming frustrated due to a lack of notification. Users weren’t sure if their image was loading, or printing etc.

Proposed Solution & Wireframing

Amongst a number of other new features, the proposed solution was to include a message center. This could then serve multiple purposes, such as letting the users know when there are new images available and also that their polaroid has started printing; it could also be used in conjunction with future features.

The following are just a few pages from the complete wireframing process.

Visual Design and Prototyping

Once the wireframes had been tested and signed off with development, the visual design phase began. I had previously put together a UI style guide for EventsTag, meaning the visual design stage was simply a matter of applying the style guide to the wireframes.

Final thoughts

The results saw an increase in prints and further user research showed that people were much less frustrated when interacting with the printer. The notification center also went on to include many other notifications useful to both administrators and users, reducing stress on points that were not initially noticed.