Where Next?

UX Design - Visual Design - Branding

‘Where Next?’ was a personal project which was close to investment. In Shoreditch, London We found that were were over 10+ happy hours within a 5 minute walking radius, with no simple way to find them. The idea was to connect users with these nearby timed drinks offers through a mobile only app.

User Research

Initial user research was conducted amongst friends. We found that time was the biggest factor; both in searching for a deal, and getting to it’s venue.

Proposed Solution & Wireframing

We wanted to keep the users as engaged as possible throughout the user journey. This was achieved by keeping the journey short and offering users multiple transportation options, to ensure they got to the venue as quickly and easily as possible.

Visual Design

With the majority of users would be in a dark bar or using the app at night, a dark UI fit the bill perfectly. Keeping in tow with a short user journey, the UI was kept to the bare essentials.

Landing Page

A landing page was also designed and developed to gather early adopters email addresses. It followed the same simple and to the point approach as the remainder of Where Next?

Final thoughts

Although this was a much larger design project than the User Experience - we, and others were very happy with the result, which was completed in less than one week. It went on to be a main and valuable talking point amongst investors and potential venues.