The Trainer

UX Design - Visual Design - Branding

Personal training apps are missing something fundamental: a personal touch. The Trainer aims to change that with machine learning and AI. My involvement in this MVP included branding, UX/UI, and visual design.


I started out with the question, 'What makes a good personal trainer app?'. In order to gather answers to this question, I began downloading as many personal trainer apps as possible. I then chose three of the most popular and ran some light SWOT analysis. The full SWOT breakdown can be viewed in a Google Doc here.

Proposed Solution

After researching other apps, I found that an extensive library of content and a personal touch are essential. More importantly, though, the personal touch needs to be truly personal. Rather than skimming the surface, the app should feel personal and provide a service based on its deep understanding of your body and personal habits.

Can machine learning provide a personal experience?

Machine learning seems like the obvious route, as the app could learn users habits, how long they use the app, when they’re at the gym etc. And use this data to create personalised workouts on a daily basis.

How could machine learning specifically learn and produce results?

  • Learn which parts of your body you’ve recently worked out and provide a workout targeting the next best body part.
  • Track your weight and accurately adjust workouts to meet your goal, or alert you that you won’t meet your goal unless you do ‘x,y,z’.
  • Learn which days and what time of day you have the most productive workouts, and suggest a gym visit based upon this data.
  • The machine could be bot based, and ask simple questions before, during and after a workout. The bot would provide a more personal experience.

User flow

Once research was complete, I had a good idea of how the app would lay out. Before jumpinginto wireframes I listed out each screen and it's contents in a Google Doc, which can be found here. The following wireframes were visualiesed once the user flow were signed off.

Visual Design

My goal here was to create a personal, clean design that was still clean and minimal. My heavy use of blue helps the application feel calming, clean and focused. Exactly what we want from a personal trainer.


Once the visual designs were signed off, I moved over to InVision to bring it all together. The prototype can be found below.

Final thoughts

The goal was to create a truly personal trainer app by utilising a bot to emulate the personal touch a human trainer would provide. A successful personal trainer app will answer the question, ‘Is this personal?’ with yes. I'm confident that the use of machine learning and clean design acheived this goal.